Lineart for Sakura&Kero, Tomoyo and Syaoran. /)w-

card captor sakura charms?!

hi! i decided i want to make card captor sakura charms!

for the ccs charms i am going to make sakura (w kero), tomoyo, syaoran, yukito and toya. each charm will be double-sided with an alt expression on the back. (sakura > Hanya~n / tomoyo > sighing at sakura / syaoran > tsun blush power / yukito > ^^ // / toya > T_T // )

i’m thinking of setting the price at 6$ each and if you buy all 5 I am thinking of a bonus to throw in. i might make the charm designs into stickers as well to be the bonus (likewise if you buy all of the stickers you could get a bonus charm maybe,  i still only sell my stickers at a dollar each so…)

The charms will be clear acrylic!! 1.5’” in height

here’s a preview

i really hope some of you will be interested to buy them!!

Madeline for Woof!
done with clip studio paint! love it

Madeline for Woof!

done with clip studio paint! love it

Pokemon palette requests over on tweeta /)wT

Hi everyone!

I want to apologize for all the inactivity! I was very busy with school but I finally graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration! It was a long four years but I did it and now I am on the job hunt lol…

I will be posting more soon! I have some doodles and commissions to finish up but I want to post them in photosets. Also I have lots more art planned now, I hope I can do it all…. *_* new prints and stickers coming soon hopefully!!

Anonymous said: hey! what oekaki do you use?? i love oekaki but i'm only part of like...3 active ones atm. <marriland oekaki, i use the doodle board mainly

it used to be even more active many years ago, but people still use it often! I personally hadn’t used oekaki in like 2 years before those touhou doodles…